Selected Stories

He Sang for His Captors at Auschwitz. 75 Years Later, He Sang There Again (The New York Times)
David Wisnia, whose tale of endurance and love during the Holocaust touched readers around the world, has died at 94.

They Were the Lucky Ones (The New York Times)
The Secret History of America’s Only WWII Refugee Camp.

Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later (The New York Times)
He had one question. Was she the reason he was alive today?

Bela, the Forgotten War Orphan (The New York Times)
The remarkable tale of a 3-year-old whose parents died in Auschwitz, and the soldier who worked to get her out of occupied Berlin.

The Puzzling Inferno (Scientific American, PDF)
When saving trees means less carbon storage.

A Man for All Reasons (Forbes)
A day in the life of “homeless” billionaire Nicolas Berggruen as he sets to fix California’s government. Read about Berggruen and his plan here.

Hollywood Heavyweight (Forbes)
The Hollywood producer is responsible for making Pretty Woman and Mr. and Mrs. Smith big screen hits. But before he came to Hollywood he was an arms dealer. Read more here.

Funny Business: Billionaire Ron Perelman With His Dad (Forbes)
LBO maestro Ron Perelman and his dad, Raymond, in an intimate conversation about rebellion, success, mistakes and the meaning of life. Read more here.

Big Man in Brazil (Forbes)
Eike Batista was the face of Brazil’s boom. He rode the commodities wave to become Brazil’s richest man and aimed to become the world’s richest man. Was it all a house of cards? Read more here.

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