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6 Responses to “Contact”

  1. helen epstein

    Hi Keren:

    I’m an old friend of Michael and Ronni’s AND I was the first teured woman prof at NYU’s Journalism Dept AND I loved you rpiece in the Times today and shared it widely. Hope we run into one another some day. Congrats on a great story well written!!

  2. Mark H Jones

    Hello Keren, I just read your story about Mr. David Wisnia and Ms. Helen Spitzer. thank you so much for such a poignant and beautiful love story….you really expressed so much to my heart through it…..

  3. Allen Kraus

    Keren – I read your article about Mr. Wisnia. My grandparents and uncle were in Aushwitz. My dad left from Prague for Shanghai and eventually to the US and then into the US Army and back to Europe. It sounds like Mr. Wisnia might have been with my dad’s unit, as he too was at Berchtesgaden where he liberated some wine and silverware. I would love to speak with Mr. Wisnia, but suspect he may be deluged with requests. Thanks very much for writing this. Allen Kraus

  4. Mars Edding

    Hi, I just want to thank you for telling us David and Helen’s story. It was truly moving; I was full-on crying by the end of it. Beautifully and thoughtfully written. Thank you. (I’m now a fan, all the way from the Philippines.)

  5. Nicholas Buffone

    I read your article, “They Were the Lucky Ones,” recently. My paternal Great-Grandparents emigrated from Tarsia in the early 1900’s. Although your story deals with an event which occurred almost forty-years later, I never knew anything about this small town. Great article, and interesting topic. TYVM.
    At least those in Ferramonti weren’t treated too harshly.


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